Back to the Jungle in a Week!

I didn’t think I’d get a chance to head south at Christmas, but daily checks on the American Airlines (my preferred airline) website found a great deal and I immediately put it on hold then purchased it a few days later. The good thing is that it doesn’t cause me to go through multiple stops long the way as big savings often require — just one layover for a reasonably short time in Dallas on the way there and in Miami on the way home.

So now I’m planning for a holiday trip to the rainforest. As always, the logistics of each trip creates a little stress as I prepare for everything that comes with being away for nearly 2 weeks.

Obviously, my main decision is where I’m heading. I’ve considered going to a different part of the country (or at least somewhere I haven’t been in awhile), but I’decided to return to Iquitos in The Amazon rainforest where I have many, many friends — both Peruvian and expats — which makes for a good place to spend the holidays.


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