Back in South America this morning!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends around the world! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday with your families and friends. I spent Christmas Eve traveling and won’t be done until around 6:30 this evening. But it’s all worth it this evening when I’m sitting a few yards from the Amazon River relaxing on a tropical evening tonight.

Traveling internationally on America Airlines is so bad because their seats are so tiny. I was even able to change to an exit row seat with more leg room to stretch out, but 7 hours in the super narrow seat was brutal and, needless to say, I didn’t sleep a wink. The good thing is they got us to Lima 30 minutes early. I flew through immigration and even customs went quickly though I had to wake the workers when I walked up at 6 am! (I had to pay an 18% tax to bring my drone into the country, but I get it all back when I leave so it’s really just a deposit.)

Sadly,though, I wasn’t able to change to the early morning flight to Iquitos as it was full. That means I now have an 8-hour layover before the final two flights first to Tarapoto and then to Iquitos. That’s okay, though. I may drop off my backpack in the bag storage area downstairs then take a cab or bus to the beautiful Miraflores coast area. Or I may spend the day here since it’s a pretty good airport to spend time. Great food choices and lots of people watching. Starbucks, where I am now, has free internet, too, so I can write and keep up with friends on this wonderful Christmas morning.

It’s always interesting to me how, now that I’ve been to Peru about 30 times in the past 13 years, the excitement I feel is not for being in a beautiful foreign country. Instead I’m excited becauseĀ  I’m going home for the holidays. Sometimes I have to remind myself that what I now call my second home is the Amazon rainforest that I dreamed of seeing my whole life. It’s the place of mystery and imagination for millions of people around the world and I’m fortunate to be here many, many times and hopefully will soon live here.

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