2-19-18 Update: Moving to South America

It’s been a crazy, busy time the last few weeks trying to get ready for an almost certain move to Peru in early June.

There are so many things that must be taken care of since I am basically restarting my life almost from scratch on a completely different continent. I just made a trip to Abilene to get some things out of storage there that I sell to clean out some space in my life. (Anyone need a powerful 7.1 channel stereo or a 400 disc CD/DVD changer?) There are so many things that I need to get rid of! Like a lot of people, I tend to hang on to some thingsĀ far too long!

While I’m leaning to moving to Iquitos in the rainforest, Cusco still seems to be a very attractive place. And some friends in Lima have given me pause to think about finding a place there, too.

Iquitos has the benefit of being extremely inexpensive to live. I can be almost anywhere up and down the Amazon and its tributaries for just a few dollars with countless villages to visit and thousands of square miles of jungle to explore.

The Sacred Valley near Cusco

Cusco, though, has much cooler weather with breathtaking scenery and centuries-old ruins every where you turn. (Most agree that there are still undiscovered Inca ruins buried in the more remote parts of the mountains deep in the high jungle.) The fact that it is one of the busiest tourist cities in the world means that English is fairly common which might be an advantage for someone whose Spanish is still developing! Housing is not too expensive, either, and there are many safe neighborhoods.

I already have a plane ticket to Peru for 2Ā½ week at the start of June to find a place to initially live when I move permanently in July. I have to make sure that nearly everything in the states is ready since I will only have about 3 weeks to close out my life in the US. A LOT of things will have to be done in that time.

I’m still scared to death about this and not ready to commit 100%, but I’m pretty close. When I think about it, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives.

After all, how many people get to spend their life exploring a continent with adventures every day?


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