2-20-18 Update on the Move to South America

Smokey the Wonder Cat

Got some good news this morning.

First, I finally heard back from the owner/manager of the Selva Suites hostal where I stayed for a couple of weeks last December/January. He gave me a good price (about $245 + electricity for a month!) for a large room with air conditioning and hot water — two things not easily found in Iquitos and certainly not at this price. He’s a little concerned about Smokey, but will allow her to stay there with me.

The second piece of good news is that I was able to confirm that Smokey will be able to travel with me on the domestic flight since Star Peru, my preferred airline in Peru, allows pets in small carriers that fit under the seat. Now I know that I can get her all the way to Iquitos with no problems from the airlines.

Having my best friend with me will certainly make the relocation easier and will ease settling into life in a new place. She’s always been like a little puppy the way she is always close to me.

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