Exploring the Amazon Rainforest at Night

Just came upon this little video that I made 8 years ago in the Amazon rainforest. It was shot, poorly edited, and uploaded all in one evening from the middle of the jungle about 50 miles from the nearest city. How they had an internet connection, I don’t know — probably satellite. It’s short and pretty amateurish. but it’ll give you an idea what kind of creepy crawlies are out there in the dark! Thank goodness I had Segundo to guide me.

I wish we’d seen some snakes. From my experience in the past, they are not that hard to find after dark, but we didn’t come upon any. Spiders, however, were a different story including the fellow who gave me a bit of a fright. If you watch, you can see the camera jump as I almost fell backwards when he takes a step towards me while I was filming from down low!

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