Hiking in the Sacred Valley Near Yucay

I went on a day hike from Urubamba to Yucay in the Sacred Valley near Cusco today and had a wonderful time. Hope you enjoy these pics from the hike. Don’t forget to click on the photo to see a larger version. (The trip was organized by the great Mundo Antiguo Spanish School in Cusco.)

What a great group to hike with: Samantha (Montana), Dorian (our guide), Francie (Colorado), Laura (Australia), Beth (Iowa), and some old guy from Texas.

Our first stop was the Torrechayoc Church in Urubamba.
Ruins are everywhere in the Sacred Valley.
It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day for a hike.
The scenery in the Sacred Valley is spectacular.
You never know when a photo of a cow lying in a field might come in handy.
My favorite part of exploring is taking trails and paths that only the locals use.
The mountains that surround the Sacred Valley are truly magnificent.
These huge terrace walls were part of a massive agricultural complex.
Someone’s farm house shot through the bushes.
You do not want to get stuck by one of these guys!
Sometimes you have to stop and look at the small, simple things.
For a long time we hiked along the stream bring water down from the mountains to irrigate the fields below.
I spotted this pretty scene when I took a moment to stop and look behind.
This is one of my favorite shots from the day’s hike.
Walking along the flowing stream made for a very relaxing afternoon.
I loved these ruins high up on the mountain side. They reminded me of an abandoned castle in the Scottish highlands.
Summer makes everything lush and green.
Far up this canyon is a tiny Andean village that I hope to visit soon
This was the view from the mountainside above Yucay looking back up the Sacred Valley towards Urubamba.
These centuries-old terraces and agricultural fields are still very much in use today.
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