Festival of San Blas in Cusco

All week there has been a ton of fireworks going off 24 hours a day in celebration of the Festival of San Blas (Saint Blaise). Since I live on the edge of the San Blas neighborhood, it’s been pretty close.

Last night there was a big celebration, fiesta, and parade going on about 100 meters from my apartment. The loud fireworks had my cat, Michi, on edge, but when I heard the parade moving down the street in front of my apartment I had to grab my camera and go out to film, of course.

Parades big and small often go up and down the street in front because it’s the only main road out of the San Blas heading south to the majority of Cusco. This one was a pretty big deal and caught me off guard.

Cusqueños, like all Peruvians, love any chance to have a party and mixing the party with religion is seemingly an even better reason.

People from all over the city participated in last night’s parade as a statue of San Blas taken from the 400-year-old San Blas church was moved across the city from neighborhood to neighborhood. It’s always a wonderful experience to take part in these festivities with the local people here.

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