Flying over Puerto Maldonado

Last week I did some flying with my Mavic Pro drone over Puerto Maldonado and the Rio Madre de Dios. It had been a while since I last flew, but it was fun to get up in the air again — especially with the crowd of kids wanting to watch!

Puerto Maldonado is a rainforest city of about 75,000 people on the relatively new Inter-oceanic Highway that connects the Peru and Brazil. While remote, it is still easily accessible and popular with Peruvian tourists seeking to experience the jungle in several nearby nature reserves.

The first time I saw the Billinghurst bridge (recently completed in 2012 and only a few hundred meters north of the Tambopata River) I thought it was painted pink, but when I later walked across it it was clear that this was an orange bridge that had faded in the tropical sun. As a suspension bridge, it’s easy to feel the shaking and swaying when walking across as traffic passes.

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