Hi — I’m Philip, a newly retired teacher who recently (June, 2018) moved from the United States to Cusco, Peru, high in the Andes Mountains.

After about 30 trips to Peru since 2005, about a year ago I decided that it was time to retire early and move to this fabulous country with incredible scenery and amazing people.

I’m not selling any books here and I don’t offer any paid help creating your own blog. I simply love to travel and write and hope I can use this blog to share some of my experiences in a way that will encourage you to explore this wonderful place and appreciate all that it has to offer.

I spent almost all of my adult life teaching all nearly every level from 2nd to 12th grade in a variety of subjects including Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Special Education. To be a teacher for that long, one has to have a deep calling to help and share with others. Those same passions continue to drive me today and I hope they become apparent as this blog develops.

Right now I have settled into Cusco. Soon, I will return to the US to pick up pension documents necessary to apply for my residency visa here in Peru. Once I have that visa, my intention is to start traveling around the continent and experience as many places as possible while sharing my “adventures.” (Yes, sometimes they actually turn into real adventures such as the time I hiked alone into the rainforest and was able to film a river otter in a place they are not normally seen.)

It’s going to be a evolutionary process, so I hope you stick with me on this journey. Feel free to subscribe to this blog as well as follow me on Twitter (@Travelsin SA) and on Facebook (Travels in South America). I’m always open to suggestions, too!